Swapping m.2 drives

Maybe I’m late to this idea, and everyone else has already thought of it, but it occurred to me today that I could buy a second m.2 drive to install a second operating system (or even a backup of the primary, for that matter), and run them for different purposes to fully segregate them. My initial thought was to run different OSs in a storage expansion card, since that has been said to be fast enough to do it reliably well, but for some things, this could be less than desirable.

Primarily, I’m thinking of work travel, and especially to countries whose customs agents would automatically require a download/copy of your data. The US has required this for foreign nationals entering the country for work, and even if you have nothing to hide, this is a major breach in privacy. So before you leave home, you can swap out the drive you use for personal with one that has none of your personal stuff on it, copy over whatever work files you may need, and not worry about allowing the technical copying at your destination. While I haven’t experienced this first hand, I have had colleagues go through this in other countries as well, and there’s really no remedy, legally or practically. So why not just leave it behind?

Just another reason that the ease of component swapping is a great thing, in my mind.


@N.P You could run your OS off the expansion modules, have one for work and one for play… if you don’t mind losing a port. Failing that swapping an M.2 is relatively straight forward. :thinking:

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