Taiwan earthquake

Has the earthquake in Taiwan affected the Framework employees or facilities there?

They’ve posted on their twitter that they’ve put manufacturing on hold for a while to ensure employee safety.
Source: https://twitter.com/FrameworkPuter/status/1775326382987550775


Hmm, that is going to put a damper on the rollout :frowning_face:

Videos from Taiwan are remarkable … glad I don’t live anywhere near an earthquake risk zone.
I know if there was ever something like that while I was at work I would be rushing home to make sure my family was OK, for sure … glad to hear FW partner did the right thing there.
Hope everyone is OK and no damage to anything precious.

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A batch of FWs were still shipped out the same day.

Plane had probably already lifted off (shocks were at 7:30am IIRC) as freight tends to fly out of passenger hours.

If there are still some in the warehouse ready to ship (just requiring packing with accessories etc) I’m sure they will get those out pretty quick as well.