Testing Linux kernel 6.0.x with 12th gen

  • Tried linux kernel 6.0.1 on Ubuntu mate 22.04 (shiped originaly with 5.15) on intel 12th gen i5.
    -Right after the boot the fan start to spine much more becoming audible.
    -After I get graphic glitch and it freezes :wink:

  • I noticed 5.19.15 gives me also the fan spining fast at IDLE.

  • 5.19.16 don t install after the v4l2loopback error

In resume I have the original 5.15 kernel working nice and the 5.18 working OK. Other kernels aren t stable enough.
Note: I have deactivated 7 of the 8 ecores (the last one cannot be deactivated)

I am also guessing we are in the need for a fraework bios update, since intel 12th gen is very new a lot of bug crunching must have been done by intel in its CPU microcode.

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I’ve been running 6.0.0 for a while and upgraded to 6.0.2 yesterday. Works ok. I am on Gentoo though, so the issues that you are experiencing must be distro-speciffic.


Tumbleweed 2022-10-16 w/kernel all seems OK so far with the 12th gen

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I moved from 5.19.11 to 6.02 on Gentoo two days ago and haven’t had any (new) issues!

Running MassOS with 6.0 kernel and it’s working great

Do you have any new incidents of any previous issues though?

Tried 6.0.5 this morning on Ubuntu mate 22.04 it boots, then I have a white line of pixels on the top of the screen gliching and flickering. It made me go away after 5 seconds. But for the 5 secs I had mouse cursor and windows there.
I am giving up trying kernels on Ubuntu will stick on 5.15 until next 6.1 LTS kernel matures.

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@Second_Coming the only issue i’ve been paying attention to is that I still get weird hanging in chrome when video is playing on a different window. That has persisted / I’ve resigned to watching youtube via mpv/youtube-dl.

also on 6.0.5 now, and nothing has really changed.

I am now running for 30 minutes 6.0.7 and I don t have anymore graphic glitches at boot srrms running like 5.15 for now.

I have brought my thinkpad ssd over and deactivate 7 Ecores. Thinking of reactivating everyone now if 6.0 is stable.

There are 10 intel related changes in this release :

Update several days after :
I reverted to kernel 5.15 on my ubuntu mate 22.04 LTS.
I had major freezing every day. My full desktop would freez for 15 seconds 4 times a day on regular working days. I had even to reboot it when atempting to do a video conference call, since I had 15 second freezes 2 times in 2 minutes.
With the 5.15 I have this once in a week.


Hi @Iann_C , glad to see the kernel is fixing this!
Are you still using the i915.enable_psr=0 trick described in this thread?
if so, would you consider testing if it works as well without it?

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This didn t help at all, I believe it even mess somehow …wiredely with my blutooth mouse. I removed the day I tried it.
Unfortunately my blutooth mouse is still bugging when left for 3 seconds it then lags.
Anyhow with this last kernel I have launch even metal gear solide V for 20 min and it works great

Update: 7hours running this kernel. It runs like a charm.
Let see when I am back to heavy work on monday…

Update 2 days later :
tried to reactivate E-cores to test advances in this area. I started to have freezes of the wall desktop. Now its 24 hours and I am back to P cores only? I wish I could deactivate the last Ecore (maybe I ll do it from linux)


@Iann_C Thank you for this extremely valuable information!!

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Now running kernel 6.0.6 in Fedora 37 beta. For me I’m seeing a big improvement in power consumption in powertop, well worth the upgrade.

Too soon to comment on stability.

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Do you have some numbers for an objective comparison?

Unfortunately I didn’t actually write down the numbers so it is not objective. My impression is I am saving from 1W up to 5W power usage at times.

At full idle (screen on minimum, airplane mode, no programmings running except a terminal with powertop) it reports just under 5W usage.

With Firefox with a few tabs, wifi on, and some screen brightness, 6-7W.

With VSCode as well and some light code editing, about 9W, spiking to 15W when compiling and running something.

This is with power-profiles-daemon uninstalled, tlp installed and enabled.

On 6.09 on Ubuntu mate 22.04 for two days now and it works like a charm.
I had major issues with WIFI in Africa and did the fixe pointed on this forum. WHich solved my problem.
I thought I d give it a try to latest kernel to see if it would improve even further.
I don t see much difference on the Wifi side.

My feeling is that 5.15 AND 6.0.9 have gotten much more stable with the intel 12th gen.
I had important freezings for 5 to 20 seconds every two days. Especially anoying when you are in a video meeting!
Now it seems mostely gone with the two kernels since a month or so.

Wifi solved :