Thank you for the super key and the GPU, curious on thermals

This is the laptop i needed, Thank you for the super key option, thank you for the GPU. How are thermals. on the new setup
I hope there is an option to use the 28-45W CPUs on the 13th inch in the 16 inch, can give us better CPU thermals, and hopefully the GPU thermals can also be managed, for a thin 16 inch thermals are very important, if this becomes my daily driver. Looking forward to placing my deposit.

Also hope you guys launch in India with the Framework 16. fingers crossed.

Framework is only launching the 16 in the announced countries as of now. Make sure you set your region on the framework website to let them know that you’re interested in them coming to India.

yup , already did. also asked my friends to sign up as well. Although, I do think setting up shop in India is likely harder due to laws, but the market here does love reusable stuff.

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