The LTT update video

If you want a very structured version of what basically the ltt video had, ifixit made one too, you can find it here.


Slightly off-topic: Absolutely nothing against LTT at all, but did anyone else feel uncomfortable or fidgety when they proclaimed they hadn’t read the guides, or when they hadn’t done their homework for encryption keys, or when he kept the display panel flat open and the screws all over and two motherboards hanging over it! Or maybe it is just me being myself.

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I have issue with the claim that it was Linus’ daily driver. At least, I don’t think it was a smooth experience with the BIOS version that it was at (the version that doesn’t support battery-less operation). So much so that he didn’t mind it being on the shelf for 3 months…and jumped onto other systems.

The video has some polished up honesty…but it wasn’t full on transparent honesty. …and why would he…he’s invested in it. Got to read between the lines.

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@5uie1 same… i love ltt a lot and i’m also hyped for my framework, but this video felt extremely messy and unpleasant to watch…


@junaruga It is a running gag in his videos to just neglect the fact that guides exist.

It satisfies the populist belief, there’d be a geeky need of opening devices using our own hands and eyes to repair them –

Well, I guess cave men are sexier to represent than people who go meticulously about (every step of) a repair.

  • sorry not sorry for that, I have to also think about manscaped (their sponsor in some vids) in that regard.

In the end that’s a selling factor for the framework (laptop).

I think they went into this video with a thought process and not as blatantly as it seems to be the case


@Philipps I can see your points. I am not familiar with the LTT channel’s style. I was focusing on the known issues that he covered in the video. But a little about his DIY demonstration. And my English was not good to understand more in the video.


As a like pretty longtime LTT fan i also thought it seemed a bit too goofy for me. Like it was an unscheduled filler video to meet the quota.

I don’t know I turned it off near the end ‘cause it felt kinda uncomfortable to watch.


I am a little bit confused right now. Does it mean that the hinge that comes with laptops from new batches is the same “upgraded” hinge that is available in the store? Or do I have to order a new one separately to get the 4kg one?

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You must seperately order the 4kg hinge. The laptop comes with the 3.3kg one right now.

Would be nice imo if you could choose hinge and back panel type in the order website…



The LTT video is wrong regarding the upgraded hinge.

Which prompts two questions:

  1. As a tech reviewer, doesn’t LTT have a responsibility to at least not give out incorrect info?
  2. As an investor of Framework, doesn’t Linus have a responsibility to not provide false statement on a public platform? Specifically, false statements that could [directly / indirectly] result in increased sales. (Ethics)

As of this moment, it hasn’t been corrected in the video (timestamped):

There’s a degree of responsibility to correct such statements in a timely manner.


Oh wow, I was surprised when he mentioned it in the video. I actually thought the hinge upgrade was included up until now.

Did they even reach out to framework or read any documentation in the press kit? If so did the writer relay this information in a good enough way for the host (in this case Linus) to know. - Having watched the video about how they make their content it seems a lot had to go wrong to put out this uninformed of a review.

I mean it isn’t just people who are already aware of framework watching this video. It’s also mostly new people that would be interested in the idea it seems kinda damaging to the Framework brand to have an investor provide (unintentionally) false information?

Not saying they falsified information but this looks bad for both LMG and Framework. - I would love to see a reaction from someone in the Framework team to this. @nrp maybe?

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@Cheese, I see that @TheTwistgibber had provided the correct info in the Reddit post here, but I believe LMG needs to correct it in the video. Some kind of an addendum / amendment? So the ball is really with LMG…

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