Time not updating after sleep/shutdown

I have a Framework 13 DIY 1st gen.

Not sure when exactly it started, but every time I boot my laptop the clock settings are frozen from when I last shut down or put the laptop to sleep. So, for example, if I shut down on May 14 at 7:30pm, that’s precisely what the system will read the next time I open the lid or power on the laptop.

This causes havoc when I boot into Windows, because once the system clock gets too far out of whack from the real-world clock, the system time will not automatically sync with the NTP server.

I suspect this is due to the CMOS battery not charging properly, which has been a recurring issue with this laptop and has resulted in me having to plug it in to power it on. even if the primary battery is mostly charged.

What are some recommended troubleshooting steps? Resetting the CMOS? If so, how does one do that properly?

Read the topic, it’s long, just read the first few and some near the end maybe

You can ask Framework for a new ML 1220

or try a workaround.

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Thanks, @amoun. That thread is very enlightening.

After reading it, the most customer-oriented solution would be for Framework (@nrp) to implement a buyback or discount program for afflicted 11th Gen owners to upgrade to more recent boards without this fundamental issue, but one commenter seemed sure that wasn’t going to happen.

Yes a buy back is so unlikely hence the free battery offer and the updated workaround which may be on sale, or even free.

Cost of free batteries V cost of small coin module.