Tips to install half-length SSD?

Got a refurb DIY Framework, and the SSD I’d planned on using, a hand-me-down from a ThinkPad upgrade, is only half length.

Unfortunately there’s no screw hold for half-length SSD. Is there an extender I should use?

Guess I could just tape it down, but that doesn’t seem ideal.

Suppose this is one option:

Price is right. Shipping price isn’t if I just want one.

Taping it down is fine as long as you use electrical tape!
It remains operational even when its bent up so there isn’t too much to worry about.

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Add maybe double sided sticky tape to the bottom :slight_smile:


I used kapton tape temporarily, and am working on a 3d printed clip to hold down the 2230 to the board.

2230 length hole in the main board would have been a nice touch on Framework’s part. But it’s pretty easy to work around not having it.


@Ruffin This is not recommended and taping it down could cause problems given the strain put on the drive while inserted. Also, if it came loose while in use, it could be bad news. If you absolutely have to use that SSD, please use a proper extender and secure it to the mainboard via the associated screw and stud.


Well, duh! The whole point of the DIY is that you get to BYOHardware, right? :wink: I really did go overly optimistic: “If they have extra screws in the laptop like a nice shirt or pants has buttons, surely they have a place to install a short SSD, right?”

Looks like the same thing I found on eBay is available and less expensive (for 1pc) on Amazon, with much faster delivery. I’ll give that a shot.



I printed this length adapter using PETG:

I had stretched it wider by a few percent in the slicer to try to match my SSD. Even then I still had to soften the holding rails to get the SSD into place. Installed with M2 screw and washer into the original 2280 hole in the mainboard. Solid fit and hold، no issues in the 4 or so days it has been in place.


Ha, that’s pretty cool. I ended up going the Amazon route, and with that and two hand-me-down 8 gig RAM sticks, I was up and Ubuntu-ing as of Sunday. Now I need to see if one of my retired laptops’ WiFi cards fits…

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