Touch Pad slightly tilted

Hi all,

I got my diy framework last thursday (weirdly it came completely assembled except ram and ssd which I bought separately). I’m very happy with it’s battery life and performance so far, compared to my old one, and I really like the feel of it.

I have one very minor issue, though:
The touchpad is slightly tilted to the left. The left side sits about 0.5mm below the input cover, creating a small edge. The right is much closer to the top of the input cover.
Although the touchpad is fully functional, including physical clicks along the whole lower edge, it bothers me.
So I tried following this Touchpad Rubbing Fix Guide - Framework Guides guide to adjust the touchpad with no success.
Then I completely disassembled and reassembled it, following this guide Touchpad Replacement Guide - Framework Guides.
The tilt is still there.

Any suggestions what I could try next? Anyone had a similar issue and was able to fix it?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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This was a choice that had to be made before the laptop came out to make it easier for logistics and preparation, the DIY models all come mostly assembled.

Something I did after seeing recommendations on the forum was to “tape mod” the touchpad, basically taking it apart and shoving some tape or paper under the click bar or side rails. It’s primarily to remove some of the rattle in the touchpad, but it may accomplish your goal of evening it out.


You know … I didn’t notice it until reading this thread, but mine has the same issue, although possibly on the opposite side. My touchpad is overall shifted to the right and tilted counter-clockwise. There is a wider gap on the left side. The lower right corner actually sits under, and against, the body of the keyboard area.

It hasn’t affected usability (i.e. ghost clicks) but that’s gonna bug me now that I know its there!