Touchpad does not drag and drop

Hello everyone, I’m having some difficulty with my touchpad. Pressing the touchpad does nothing - only taping it lightly. The indent-press seems to not operate. Second, I given that the indent-press does nothing, I am unsure how to drag and drop using the touchpad with light touching.

I’ve been using a mouse but really want this option for certain situations. Any suggestions?

I am assuming you are on windows? If so, to drag and drop you would double tap and hold, drag, and then release. Windows even has a cool feature for the touchpad that is particularly helpful when dragging items. When you get to an edge of the trackpad the mouse cursor will continue moving at a constant rate in the direction you were mousing, until you move your finger back from that edge. Super slick and something I’d like to work into Linux.


That’s an annoying problem. Have you been able to validate this on another OS or live disk? Checked the touchpad ribbon cables?

If it isn’t working you should contact support I don’t think there is even a software option to disable the physical click so hardware issue possibly.

Is the clicking button not working?
That’s annoying.
Does framework provide touchpad drivers?
I don’t think so (for windows), since it just use the windows precision driver.

Yeah. What operating system are you using? Can you try checking it with another OS?