[RESPONDED] Flakey touchpad performance on mint


I’m not sure if this a mint issue, or a hardware issue, or a I’m doing it wrong issue (I’m leaning more toward hardware).

When I am trying to use the touchpad, it does not register physical clicks, but it generally registers taps (so I configured mint to accept taps as clicks). This leads to issues when I need to drag/drop because I never remember how many tap slide prayers it takes to do click and drag.

Is there something driver/software wise that would help with the not detecting clicks, or am I just better off replacing the touchpad or getting an external mouse? This is a Batch 5 DIY if that helps with hardware updates that may have occurred.

Hi @Ian_Middleton welcome to the community!

To rule out hardware vs distro, we recommend testing against Ubuntu 22.04 on a live USB.

If the issue is present there as well, create a ticket and link to this thread.

In the ticket, share your experience with the touchpad using the Live USB of Ubuntu 22.04.