Touchpad drag and drop not working on Pop!_OS 22.04

Haven’t had a chance to dive into why yet, but just updated to Pop!_OS 22.04 from 21.04 and noticed that drag and drop is not working with the touchpad.

If anyone has also run into this and has a quick fix, would be greatly appreciated!

not using PopOS but for me I have to press the touchpad really hard

Hhhmmm, pressing really hard didn’t seem to help :sweat_smile:

Turns out the hitbox for drag and drop has just shifted quite a bit toward the center of the touchpad since the update. Which is a little awkward, but is workable.

I’m on Pop 22.04, but I don’t understand what you mean by the “hitbox … shifted”.

As a proxy for drag-and-drop, I’m testing with “text selection”:

When I double-tap-drag, text selection works (I use “Tap to click” in Touchpad Settings).

But even without “Tap to click”, when I hard-press and drag, with my thumb anywhere on the lower half of the touchpad, then hard-release, I can also select text.

Yeah, this seems to be the case for me now as well.
For a few days after I updated, to do things like select text, I had to click and hold close to the center of the touchpad. Now it seems to have reverted to the old behaviour, where I can click and hold just about anywhere on the touchpad to select text.

Not if anything actually changed, could very well have just been some anomaly on my end to do with other software I have installed.