Touchpad doesn't work after waking

I use Fedora 34. When I put the laptop to sleep (closing the lid, etc.) and then wake it up, the touchpad doesn’t always work properly. The problem is more likely to occur after long sleeps than after short ones.

Sometimes the pointer won’t move, sometimes two finger scrolling won’t work, sometimes palm detection doesn’t work, sometimes button clicking doesn’t work. More than one of these issues usually happens, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen all things to fail at the same time.

Sleeping again doesn’t fix it, the only thing that does is rebooting. Has anyone else seen this? Any fixes?

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Logout / Login again doesn’t help, but I’m not sure if that actually restarts X or not. I’ll try next time it happens.

@Matt_Ettus1 have you tried disabling PS2 Mouse emulation in the bios Advanced setting menu?

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Thanks, that did fix it.

This recently (as in, it was previously fine) became an issue for me, but only after resuming from hibernation.

It was more consistent in my case: acceleration settings etc. lost, and scroll not working.

have you tried disabling PS2 Mouse emulation in the bios Advanced setting menu?

This seems to have fixed it for me too, as in I systemctl hibernated manually and changed the setting before allowing it to resume, and it’s now working. Time will tell I suppose - I don’t know why that would suddenly have become a problem @Kieran_Levin, I hadn’t changed it to ‘auto’?

I can only assume some package upgrade broke it, but I don’t know what that would be? I use sway, but restarting (as in completely killing it, not reloading config) it didn’t fix it when it happened. I notice the non-disabled option is ‘auto’ vs. ‘enabled’ say, is that because it’s up to something in software (or linux-firmware or something) whether to enable or not, and perhaps that changed recently?

Currently running into an extremely similar issue as OP and others are facing in which the trackpad won’t function unless I fully restart my machine. I’m running a Ryzen 7 7640U, and don’t see any similar option for PS2 Emulation in the BIOS for my board. Is there anything i’m missing or is the option now presently available? Currently running version BIOS version 3.03.

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Did you get your issue resolved? I started a thread about a similar issue.