Ubuntu 21.04 Trackpad issues when waking from deep sleep

I set the config to use deep sleep to help with battery life. I think I’m going to try reverting to regular sleep to compare battery consumption and see if the buggy behavior persists with that sleep type.

Sometimes (~25% of the time) when I wake from deep sleep on Ubuntu 21.04, I will experience one of the following: trackpad movement is extremely sensitive, the slightest gesture on the trackpad will cause an extreme movement of the cursor. OR, waking from sleep the trackpad will be entirely unresponsive to clicks or gestures. Putting the laptop back to sleep, and then waking it again will fix both of these issues.

Is anyone else encountering these? Is there any way I can check sleep / system logs to gain some insight into what is causing this?

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This possibly caused by the PS2 mouse emulation performed by the BIOS. Since deep sleep mode is essentially turning the laptop off, the BIOS will try to detect if the OS is using the touchpad when you wake it up, and if not, will go into emulation mode. Since it may take a few seconds for the OS to wake up and start using the touch pad, the BIOS may prematurely decide that emulation is necessary. The result will be that you will (depending on the OS and settings) get no response, because the OS is not looking for a PS/2 mouse, or you get a response, but the functionality is different and degraded, because the OS thinks you replaced your touchpad with a PS/2 mouse while it was asleep. I can confirm that this does happen on my laptop running Pop OS (which is Ubuntu based) when deep sleep is enabled. It seems to be fixed 100% since I disabled PS/2 emulation in the BIOS.


I can confirm that I have also not run into this issue at all since I disabled PS/2 emulation in the UEFI settings.

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Also was having this issue - just disabled PS/2 emulation - will come back here and mention it if I see the issue again.

I experienced the unresponsive trackpad after waking from deep sleep on MX Linux. I’ll try disabling the PS/2 emulation on mine.