Touchpad intermittently working

One one of my Framework Laptop 13s, the touchpad has gotten a little… touchy. It randomly stops working, then a minute later starts working again, then stops again. The time periods in which it works and doesn’t work is anywhere from half a second to over a minute.

I’m running Ubuntu and checked dmesg and don’t see any messages coinciding with this activity. Any ideas?

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No ideas about the reason for the problem, but maybe some about a solution. :slight_smile: This method (previously outlined in this thread) seems to solve a myriad of hardware-based problems:

  1. Unplug your charger from the laptop (or from the wall, if you prefer).
  2. Reboot into the BIOS (F2) (see How do I enter the BIOS on the Framework Laptop? if needed).
  3. Find the Disconnect Battery option, turn it on, and save the changes. Your system will automatically shut down after that.
  4. Hold the power button for a few seconds, to ensure that all power is drained from the motherboard.
  5. Reconnect the charger and restart the system (it might take a few seconds before you can do so).

If you ever can’t get it to boot to get to the BIOS screen, you can physically disconnect the battery and skip steps two and three. Just be careful with the battery connector, I’m told it can be easily damaged (no hands-on info yet, my Framework 16 should be delivered next week or soon thereafter).

If that doesn’t solve the problem, you can try resetting the BIOS to factory defaults as well. Just note any changes you’ve made before doing so, and reboot after resetting it, before reapplying those changes.


Thanks @Chad_Nelson – that appears to have done the trick for now at least. I’ll follow up if the problem comes back.

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