Touchpad not clickable on top portion? (when tap-to-click is disabled)

Hi folks, I just got my framework laptop the other day (13" AMD), and I initially turned off tap-to-click. However, it seems like only the bottom half or so of the touchpad is easily clickable. If I press hard, I can get up to ~3/4 of the way up. But no matter how hard I press, I cannot get it to click near the top of the touchpad.

Is this normal? Is it because it’s hinged on the top?

I’m coming from a few years of using a Macbook at work, so maybe I’ve just gotten spoiled - I can click anywhere on it’s touchpad. Although even my GPD Win Max 2 can be clicked almost anywhere (only the top 3~4mm are unclickable, a small enough area that I hadn’t noticed before testing just now).

If this really is part of the design rather than just a defect, perhaps Framework (or someone else) can release an updated touchpad that is clickable anywhere?

It is normal. The touchpad click mechanism is “diving board” style, attached with a hinge on the top, as you suspected.

Which Framework repairable, upgradable design, it could be possible for them to release a different touchpad. Others have expressed hope that we’ll see one.


Is it possible to install the touchpad upside down?

It’s very clear that upside down would not work. Take a look at the replacement guide.