Touchpad Only working as PS2 Mouse Emulation

DIY I5 12th Gen

My touchpad has no right click or two finger scroll and is only working when I am running the PS2 mouse emulator. When I disable the emulation in the BIOS I have no mouse movement.

I have found threads with my same issue, but I am unable to find my touchpad in device manager and disable it to force the the combativity fallback.

I am currently stuck using a USB mouse only

Did you install the driverpack?

Driver pack for what? In device manager I can’t identify what device is the touchpad.

I did go item by item on from the screenshot above to update drivers, but I did not try disabling or uninstalling any devices since I can’t identify which device is the touchpad.

The driverpack available to download here: Framework Laptop BIOS and Driver Releases (12th Gen Intel® Core™)


THANK YOU! That did it

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Enjoy your Framework laptop, I‘m still waiting to get mine shipped.