Touchpad stiffness on newer batches

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after my recommendation, my sister also got a Framework 13 (Ryzen 7, Batch 4 or 5) and I’ve noticed that both the keyboard and touchpad are stiffer than mine (11th Gen i5, Batch 9).
The keyboard isn’t that much different, but the touchpad is noticeably stiff.

I’ll (incorretly) use grams as a measurement of force, because most people are probably better acquainted to it.

Specifically, at the bottom edge, my touchpad requires a force of exactly 150g (~1.48N) to click.
Hers, however, takes 320g (~3.14N), which we both find to be very stiff. It is quite tiring on the fingers if one has to click a lot.
Due to the hinged design, this means that in the middle it would take ~640g - or over half a kilo - of force to click.

The touchpad is also not rubbing (I’ve adjusted it and centered it in the cutout) and the click is definitive and takes the same force everywhere along the bottom edge.

Out of curiosity, I have also measured the force it takes for my work notebook (Dell Precision 5570) and it also is 150g at the bottom edge.

Has anyone else had the same experience and/or measured the force it takes to click the touchpad?

An easy way to measure is to put the entire notebook on a kitchen scale and slowly increase the force until the touchpad clicks. If it’s tared with the notebook on it, you will get the force required to click.


Mine is pretty much in the middle - about 240g on the bottom of the trackpad, ~450g in the middle. Even that is noticeably stiff, I tend to try to tap-to-click to reduce fatigue.


Thank you for sharing your experience, @chrisp_chicken! Your forum thread has been really enlightening, and it’s good to know I’m not alone in this.

I have weak fingers due to muscular dystrophy, and I’m considering sending my new FW13 AMD laptop back. I’ve never encountered issues with stiff touchpads before, as I’ve used Lenovo ThinkPads and Dell Latitudes without any trouble. Although most click functions can be circumvented with gestures in Windows 11, but i don’t find them very practical.

What did you use to measure the stiffness of your trackpad?

Hi @Steff, thanks for the feedback.
I’ve used the same method described in the initial post:

  1. Put the notebook on a kitchen scale (digital, 1g resolution in my case)
  2. Tare the scale
  3. Press at the lowest point on the touchpad until it clicks
  4. Read the measured weight - this is the ‘force’ it takes to click.
    The actual force in N would be weight * 0.00981

I’m curious to see how much force yours requires!

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I’ve created a poll for comparison of newer/older batches here.
If you are interested, please vote on the survey that applies to you.

Older batches (11th & 12th Gen)

  • < 150g
  • 150g - 175g
  • 175g - 200g
  • 200g - 225g
  • 225g - 250g
  • 250g - 275g
  • 275g - 300g
  • 300g - 325g
  • 325g - 350g
  • > 350g

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Newer batches (13th Gen + AMD)

  • < 150g
  • 150g - 175g
  • 175g - 200g
  • 200g - 225g
  • 225g - 250g
  • 250g - 275g
  • 275g - 300g
  • 300g - 325g
  • 325g - 350g
  • > 350g

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I measured mine a couple of times and it was either just above or just below the 350g mark at the bottom, and over 600 in the center.

That probably relates to the issue I complained about in Touchpad not clickable on top portion? (when tap-to-click is disabled) where only the bottom half or so is easily clickable.

Yes, the touchpad is hinged at the top and the physical button is at the bottom (middle, I think). So you will have the least force at the bottom, about double in the middle and the top is effectively not clickable.
I have personally encountered very few notebooks that featured a different design and even my ~4k€ work laptop uses the same design.

Hi @chrisp_chicken,
thanks for sharing your measuring system!

A pole is a great idea!
I’m guessing the measurement is taken in the middle on the front?

I’m thinking my right click is a bit tougher to press than my left click. I will measure it tomorrow to see if I’m right and if yes, by how much.

I just did measurements on all Notebooks with that type of touchpad i could find at home.

Modell Position Gramm required Newtons required
FW13 AMD DIY Batch9 Front left 300-400 300 * 0,00981 = 2,943
400 * 0,00981 = 3,924
FW13 AMD DIY Batch9 Front center 250-300 250 * 0,00981 = 2,4525
300 * 0,00981 = 2,943
FW13 AMD DIY Batch9 Front right 250 250 * 0,00981 = 2,4525
Lenovo ThinkPad x240 Front left 80 80 * 0,00981 = 0,7848
Lenovo ThinkPad x240 Front center 100 100 * 0,00981 = 0,981
Lenovo ThinkPad x240 Front right 80 800 * 0,00981 = 7,848
Lenovo ThinkBook 14 G2 ITL Front left 100 100 * 0,00981 = 0,981
Lenovo ThinkBook 14 G2 ITL Front center 100 100 * 0,00981 = 0,981
Lenovo ThinkBook 14 G2 ITL Front right 100 100 * 0,00981 = 0,981

For the FW13 I gave a range because the measurements a varying a lot depending on where exactly you press.

The x240 is older and secondhand, so it is probably a bit worn-out.

On closer visual inspection, I noticed that the touchpad is not perfectly centered.
It does not show great on camera, but you can see the darker shadow on the right.

Angled pictures show it better:


Thanks for the insight and thorough analysis - that’s a lot of data points!
Generally, you can adjust the position of the touchpad. Just loosen the touchpad screws 1-1.5 turns, center it and re-tighten.
For my touchpad however, I wasn’t able to center it all the way, as it reached the end of the adjustment/slack in the screw holes.

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