Specific touchpad hardware questions

Hi all, can someone fill me in on some questions I have about the Framework touchpad? I gather from other posts on the forum that it is a top-hinged type, but I haven’t been able to find out the following:

  1. How much travel is required to produce a click at the bottom edge? 1mm? more? less? What about half way up?
  2. How much sound is produced when clicking? Completely silent? Some sound? Enough to make people look when you’re clicking in a meeting?
  3. How much force is required to click at the bottom edge? What about half way up?
  4. Is the touchpad manufacturer and model/part number known?
  5. Are there any changes to the touchpad from the 11th gen to 12th gen models?


Fun post! I’ve answered them based on my own 11th gen laptop. Someone from Framework can obviously provide more accurate figures.

  1. About 0.3mm at bottom center.
  2. It’s a muffled click. Compared to Apple Magic Trackpad (which is essentially silent), it’s noticeable. In a quiet meeting room, it may distract people if continuously used. Pressing lower on the trackpad results in quieter clicks.
  3. ~2.4N at the bottom center and ~4.3N right in the middle.
  4. Should be Synaptics TM3075-002
  5. I only have 11th Gen so can’t tell.

Apparently no change to the touchpad for the 12th Gen

By the way I always double tap a touchpad and never click


Thanks for the details both!

@oxplot where did you get yours from? Direct measurement?

That Synaptics model sounds about right, but the Touchpad kit @amoun mentions lists a PixArt PCT3854QR instead - which is right I wonder? Both?

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Yep. For all the metrics.

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Gen 11 Batch 8
My Win 11 Hardware ID is PIX3854

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