Touchpad tap sensitivity issues - Windows 11

So far I’m enjoying the FW 13, however the touchpad is a bit challenging to get comfortable with. With Windows 11, I find the tap to click sensitivity to be too sensitive to slight touches to the touchpad. I’ve tried reducing the sensitivity in the windows 11 touchpad settings to “lowest”. However, it doesn’t make a difference if I select Most Sensitive or Least Sensitive, it appears the same very light tap to the touchpad will cause the tap to function (left click).

Anyone else running Windows 11 notice similar with the Tap function? if so, anyone find a solution? I’ve been working with Support and so far just a lot of random back and forth but no solutions offered (yet).

Yes, I have the 13th gen driver pack installed. Windows 11 pro is latest version with all updates.

Thanks in advance for your help.

We have discussed this in our support case but I’ll copy the information here to help anyone else looking for information on this setting in Windows 11.

Having investigated further the Touchpad Sensitivity setting in Windows 11 does not affect how lightly or firmly you need to tap in order to register a click, instead the setting is for adjusting the sensitivity of Accidental Activation Prevention (AAP). From Microsoft’s documentation of this setting:

AAP is a feature of Precision Touchpads that suppresses certain actions like mouse moves and taps for a short time after keyboarding events. The specific timeouts depend on the type of action and the region of the touchpad receiving input, as well as the user setting called Touchpad sensitivity found in Touchpad settings. More sensitive means less time is spent suppressing input after keyboarding events. Maximum sensitivity means AAP timeouts are zero and AAP is not in effect.

With "Most Sensitive " selected you should be able to tap to click or move the cursor whilst typing, whereas the lower sensitivity settings introduce a timeout where the taps will not register after a Keystroke.

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I’d like to bump this to see if anyone has a solution to reducing the click sensitivity on the touchpad for Win 11. I have to be really aware of where the cursor is right now as I accidentally click fairly often. Anyway to reduce it would be appreciated. I’d even be happy removing clicking except in the case where I physically depress the touchpad.