Touchscreen Support

Will the framework 13/16 mobo will work with a touch screen display with appropriate connectors and drivers?

For the Framework-13, connector wise, yes and no.
Technically, yes. But in reality, considering that there is no touchscreen compatible cable available, no.

The motherboard connector has touchscreen signals, but Framework does not currently sell a cable which carries those signals over to the display end. The current Framework-13 display uses a common 40-pin four lane eDP connector pinout, this pinout does not have touchscreen signals, and so the cable can’t have those pins. Having a custom cable made would be very expensive, prohibitively expensive for an individual.

Just to be clear, do not attempt to plug in a touchscreen display using the current Framework-13 cable. It’s not a touchscreen cable.

Common eDP laptop panel pinouts

Framework-13 display side connector pinout

Framework-13 motherboard side connector pinout

For the Framework-16, it’s not yet known.

So in short The mobo supports touch screen but we don’t have the proper cable…

But pitstoptech has made a gaming handheld with touchscreen


Yeah, they posted a video here Framework Gaming Handheld Video!
But I haven’t seen them share details on the build. Some touchscreens use usb for the touch portion. If it’s usb and breaks that out to a separate connector, then you can connect it to any available usb port. Besides the normal 4 usb ports on the sides, a Framework-13 has a couple internal usb connections. The webcam and the fingerprint reader have usb connections.