TPM not recognized in Windows 11 - or is it?

Dear all

I have the strangest problem with my Ryzen AMD Framework - actually since I got it a few weeks ago. I cannot get it compliant in Intune and while running basic troubleshooting, I am encountering the problem that Windows 11 seems to not recognize the TPM while it still does.

Here is what I mean. This is my UEFI:

This is tpm.msc:

This is “Device Security” in the “Systems Settings”:

This is the PC Checker Tool from Microsoft checking Windows 11 compatibility (yes, running on my Windows 11 laptop):

… and this is the “Security Processor” (aka “TPM”) setting screen:

I reinstalled Windows 500 times. The only thing I did was adding the official Framework AMD Driver pack, no other drivers etc.

I have a Microsoft Support case open - until then, has anyone else encountered this problem?


That Security processor details doesn’t look at all right, should definitely have details of the TPM in it.

Have you tried clearing the TPM?

There’s an active discussion about this over in Framework 13 Ryzen - Intune Compliance Issue (Pluton?)

Yes I did clear it - it looks like it is a general issue.

Thanks @DHowett ! That is a big relieve - kind of :smiley: