TPM suddenly not detected in Windows, event viewer indicates TPM driver issue

I went to unlock my Framework 13 AMD today via Windows Hello and the fingerprint wouldn’t work, nor would the PIN. I signed in with my password and was greeted with a window saying there was a problem with my Work account. Having experienced this set of symptoms on a Dell laptop years ago, I thought to check the status of the TPM. Unfortunately my fears were confirmed and for some reason Windows is no longer seeing the TPM.

I shutdown and then turned on the laptop again, entered the BIOS and confirmed that the TPM is still active in the BIOS. Upon booting into Windows again I experienced the same symptoms.

Device Manager shows the TPM under “Security devices”, but Windows Security says there is no TPM present. Oddly, BitLocker still seems able to unlock my drives on boot no problem, perhaps indicating that the issue is isolated to once Windows is loaded. This is preventing me from accessing work resources.

Looking at the Event Viewer I see some errors stating that the device driver for the TPM suffered a non-recoverable error.

A quick search shows that AMD has had some issues with their fTPM implementation over the last year or so that has lead to this kind of issue before, but I’m not seeing any reports of it on these forums.

Appreciate any suggestions.


OK I uninstalled the AMD drivers and reinstalled the official Framework driver bundle (10/24). Seems to have resolved the issue.