[TRACKING] AMD 7040 Minimum Brightness


using the framework 13 in a dim environment I found that the minimum brightness is a bit too bright for my taste. Is the panel already being driven at the lowest possible brightness or can this be modified (possibly in the EC)?

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What operating system are you running? I believe I’ve sen people find tools to fine tune the brightness in Linux, and there may be similar tools for Windows, but it will help others give you better recommendations to know. There may also be an EC command to do this, though I don’t recall seeing anything like that before.

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I’m running Linux 6.5. I know there are ways like overlaying a transparent grey layer on the screen to darken it and so on, but this is not what I am interested in, hence me asking about the EC.

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Not sure which distro you’re on (I see your on the 6.5 kernel, though). The panel is setup to the recommended configuration, so outside of that, it may be an EC thing to go deeper than this.

I had the same problem on my Dell Precision. If you are using X11, you can use the --brightness option of xrandr to reduce the brightness. This does not dim the backlight further IIRC, but instead scales down the RGB values sent to the display. Works nicely though. No clue how to do that on a modern distro with Wayland.

Hi @Matt_Hartley,

thank you for answering! I tried NixOS-unstable and Archlinux with Sway which both go down to the same lowest brightness level. I looked through the EC sources but could not find the relevant parts with the limited time I could spend so far.

@JanW I am using gammastep on wayland, which I think should be able to do that. I will check and report back.

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if you have a doubt that your desktop environment is doing the right thing you can try to :

echo 0 | sudo tee /sys/class/backlight/amdgpu_bl0/brightness

The brightness kernel knob supports values from 0 to 255.

More than that I don’t know.

Keep us posted.

Hi @coucouf, I am using brightnessctl and I have verified it does the right thing :slight_smile:

@JanW gammastep does work in reducing brightness, however I don’t really like it since you can’t change the value at runtime. Maybe I’ll try wl-gammactl, though they are probably incompatible and I am currently using gammastep for redshift control.

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Thanks for the feedback! I will definitely check that out once I move to tweaking my system.

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