For Win11 FW13 AMD, how to lower screen brightness than minimum

Hi guys, it’s my first time posting here. Thank you for helping me and I really appreciate that!

My FW13 AMD with 7640U works well but I think the lowest screen brightness is still too bright for me, especially sometimes I will use it in a dark room.

I try some solutions like adjust the setting in the AMD software. There is a brightness setting for the display but it’s more like a whiteness setting. When I lower this “brightness” bar the screen becomes less white and I really don’t like it because at this time the black part of my screen will start to lose more details.

I have also tried dimmer, a third party software. It works as intended first but it causes the screen brightness to flicker (suddenly get brighter for a moment and then back to dim).

What are some solutions to the problem above? Can the framework official post some bios/driver update to lower the lowest brightness available in the future.

Because I use Lenovo Yoga Pro 13s as my previous computer and I usually listen to ASMR as I falling asleep, I really loved its feature which the lowest brightness is nearly completely dark. I also feel the screen on Framework is too bright for my eyes when I am on a plane when all the major light sources around me are closed.

Thanks a lot guys! Overall I really love this computer, especially with the upgradability and repairbility. Besides the battery life and CPU overheating problem is significantly better than my yoga laptop.

Add: My ideal lowest brightness is similar to the Iphone screen lowest brightness.


I’ve got the same FW13 AMD laptop, and I felt similarly that the lowest brightness setting is still pretty bright when there’s little ambient light.

I would also love it if Framework could lower the minimum brightness.

In the mean time though, I’ve been using Flux. It’s meant to change the color temperature, but you can turn that off and just use the dimming function it has. Maybe you won’t see flickering as you did before with the last 3rd party app?


I agree. The lowest brightness is still too bright. I wish Framework can put out some updates allowing us to make screen dimmer. I tried f.lux and it works well! Thank you so much! @Tim_Wenger

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The program Dimmer also works but i would prefer the option to truely lower the brightness and also to turn off the display when just listening to podcasts etc. Seems both to be possible on Linux.

Ditto to all of this. I want it dimmer, and I want the lowest setting to be zero. Help!

Same issue on Linux, it’s possible to lower using software but the backlight is still bright

Same issue, would really like less brightness at the 0 setting in windows 11. So BUMP