[TRACKING] Graphical corruption in Fedora 39 (AMD 3.03 BIOS)

@Alex_H @Sh_Ra Have you both reported issue to upstream drm/amd ?

I’ve ran into the same page fault issue but not with a VM workload and I’m under BIOS 3.05.

EDIT : No graphical glitch on my side however, I haven’t used an external monitor with a higher res than 1920x1080

No, and I don’t really care who and which issue trackers/chip suppliers/whatever should be informed here. I’m just a basic end-user reporting Framework issues back to Framework :wink:

My reproduction guide uses only the internal monitor (2256x1504). Just make sure to maximize the VM window and the browser inside it.

Who is responsible for this issue? It prevents me from running certain workloads on fullscreen.

I don’t expect it to get fixed today, I just want it to be seen.

@Kieran_Levin @Mario_Limonciello

Page faults like that are usually user mode driver (IE mesa) bugs. You should try to reproduce it using the latest mesa and if you can still reproduce it report it there.

I’m unable to reproduce the glitch on my end following the steps…
I ran the benchmark on host and inside the vm, still nothing.

BIOS 3.05, Pop!_OS, kernel 6.8.0, with 1 external monitor

  • Are you sure the VM had GPU access? Without it the benchmark still runs on my machine, but doesn’t trigger a crash
  • Have you maximized the VM window and its containing browser window?

I used these settings in virt-manager,

maximized the VM window and its containing browser window, yes