[TRACKING] Xorg crashing across distros

When using Void linux with xfce and arch linux with any xorg reliant DE (gnome xorg, plasma, awesomewm, xfce) xorg is crashing as soon as I move the mouse and I think that it might be a driver issue. The only DE I can get running is Gnome. I’m not sure what to try to get it working as it seems to be hardware by way of a missing driver but I’m not sure.

Whats the error its crashing with?

Which drivers did you install?

I have the x86-video-intel driver installed. I switched to Fedora and everything seems to be working now. I’m not sure what fedora had but not arch / void.

Probably you’ve installed old drivers which were being used.

You could paste xbps-query -m here so I could check which ones were not required/wrong.

Honestly I’ve never used Xorg intel drivers, it’s always been modesetting drivers instead.

And I believe that is the default on many distros, maybe that’s the case on Fedora.

I use Artix, which is a fork from Arch (but without Systemd).

You’ll have to look through your journalctl for clues on that one. It could be a number of things.