Trackpad not working, unresponsive in Windows 10

Received my Framework DIY today. Installed Ubuntu 21.04 for a start and found that many of the same frustrations I had with Linux as a daily driver ten years ago still exist.

I then installed Windows 10, but the trackpad isn’t working at all. It was completely unresponsive during the installation, which I thought was a driver issue (along with Wi-Fi), and it still isn’t working after the completion of two separate installs, full updates and multiple reboots. In fact, multiple devices show up in Device Manager as unusable “Other” with error code 28.

Refreshing the device list doesn’t bring up anything new.

Any idea what could be wrong? I’m at a complete loss.

EDIT: For the record, yes, the Intel Wi-Fi 6E card and the trackpad were both working well under Ubuntu.

There is a link to a driver bundle for Windows in the quick start guide.
Did you install that after getting the main install of Windows complete?

Yeah, like the abve response I would make sure you have the latest driver bundle.Hardware is also a possibility. Did you also make sure you weren’t one of the users with the ribbon cable loose? Especially during the install itself, the trackpad should have kept working as there’s a BIOS setting for it to emulate PS2 mouse input, keeping it theoretically functional while driverless during that process.

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I had this issue when I was trying to reinstall Windows for the second time. What I found was that on a subsequent reboot and booting into setup, the mouse worked after pushing down for a mouse click.

However, in Windows itself, just install the driver bundle available from Framework. That should fix you right up.

Of note is that there is a beta bios update and driver bundle. You might want to look at them as well. The fan curve is more fine tuned, among other things, under the updated firmware.

This is also important. As the mouse pad SHOULD work without drivers even in Windows setup.

Thanks, everyone. The driver bundle was the solution. The trackpad became responsive as the drivers were installing. However, I didn’t see any mention of the URL in the Quick Start guide that came included with my DIY Batch 2 version. I had to search for it based on your prompts, which is how I found the iFixit link as well as the Framework KB link (updated July 22). Maybe that’s something Framework team can make a little more prominent.

The ribbon cable was my first thought, but since it had been working fine in Ubuntu mere minutes earlier, I figured that was unlikely.

As I can’t resist a little experimenting, I’ll probably give the beta BIOS and drivers a spin before I get too comfortable and help test those. Thanks again for your help!

Glad it is working now! For future reference for anyone running into this thread, here is the Quick Start Guide for DIY Edition: Framework Laptop DIY Edition Quick Start Guide - Framework Guides