Trackpad woes under xubuntu

I frigging love this laptop, but it took me 3 tries to enter this message. Palm detection is a PITA to set up. Current settings are as follows:

xinput list-props 14 | grep -i palm
	Synaptics Palm Detection (350):	1
	Synaptics Palm Dimensions (351):	10, 200

I’m using Xubuntu and would love a proper config for this, also my settings ghost whenever I change resolutions. I’m hoping for a “Matt, you idiot n00b, just run foo --bar” solution, but if not, what is the recommended course of action?

This should help: [GUIDE] Ubuntu 22.04/23.10: Allowing for disable-while-typing behavior for trackpad


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That made it work (sorta), however a reboot or resolution change erases my:

xinput --set-prop 14 350 1

Is there a better way to make that stick?

and any way to make the Dimensions more sensitive?

You could have a look here:

I’m not quite sure whether this is still up to date, since I dont use xinput myself, but could be a good starting point :slight_smile:

I’ve been using xubuntu for almost a decade at this point and I’ve always had to disable the track pad and use a mouse. I’ve used Lenovo systems in addition to framework and had the same issue.

I’m really hoping for a track pad module to put in place of the number pad. That would be ideal.

If you do figure out a way to make the existing track pad usable, please share. I used the setting to disable the pad while typing, but then you have to wait for the timeout before you can move the mouse pointer again.

yeah, I’m generally a desktop guy and rarely use laptops unless work gives them to me, so this might be my first time using a touchpad under xubuntu. Is this an issue over on the Xubuntu forums?

Ended up ditching xubuntu for fedora, currently having other, worse problems