Ubuntu loses trackpad settings after waking from sleep

But if I reboot it works again. Things like 2-finger scrolling and sensitivity. Any ideas on how to fix this?

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That sounds really odd. I’d check the settings here to see if when you cycle sleep, these settings change:

If these remain the same, then I’d look at the power settings for the touchpad and see what they are saying. See this thread here:

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Ok, it looks like the settings here are unchanged:

And changing them doesn’t seem to work until I reboot. Hmmm…

Now in Pop OS the trackpad settings don’t change on resume but the display settings keep changing from 150% back to 200% every time.

This could be the issue described in Ubuntu 21.04 Trackpad issues when waking from deep sleep - #2 by noa_shiruba

@DHowett I think you might be right. That setting must have gotten reverted when I installed the latest BIOS update.

Ah, for the scale resetting each time, I just had to disable the HiDPI Daemon: