Trusted Platform Module Malfunction

Own the AMD DIY Edition. Every time I get on my laptop I cant use my office products due to an error logging in. (tells me there is a malfunction with the Trusted Platform Module TPM) I have tried signing out and signing back in, restarting the computer, and the only way I can get it to work is to enter the BIOS and enable TPM manually. If it was a one time fix this would be fine, but I have to do it every time I use my laptop. Its making it almost unbearable to use. Any one had this issue and know a solution?

Can’t tell much from that description.
What OS & office suite?

Started with a clean install of Windows 11 for OS.

Office Suite is Microsoft Business Office 365 apps.

If BIOS is resetting then you may have a RTC battery issue. Does it reset on a normal reboot or only after the laptop has been off for a little while?

Do any other settings reset in the BIOS? Does the BIOS show the correct date and time?

Ill have to check on what type of reboot its been doing it on. I have noticed it after setting the laptop down for the day and trying to log into the next day. (Laptop goes to hibernate mode I think, since it shows the framework boot up screen when opened) I am running 3.03 (up to date firmware).

When in Bios, TPMS is the only thing that seems off. Date and Time are good. I have to put TPMS back into enabled for it to work,

This fix is no longer working for me. Even when I reboot and enable TPM it will not let me log into my business account on office apps (outlook, word, teams, etc). Gives me the same notification there is a malfunction with TPS

3.03 should be an AMD BIOS, is this an AMD laptop? If it is RTC then I’d think you have a main battery issue, as the AMD boards use the main batt as the RTC batt.
Try re flashing the BIOS? I have no idea what would cause TPM not to stick.
Unless windows is not initializing it?

Yes this is the AMD Framework.

Ok think I found out the issue. It was not a hardware problem. I had logged with windows itself along with the office apps. (settings-accounts-access work or school) I logged out in the windows settings and then logged into the business account with the office apps. So far I have not had an issue for a couple days. If I check the settings now it does show that I am logged into the account on windows. I think it had “confused” the system into trying to assign the same computer twice originally. I will update again in a couple days if still working properly