Turn off POWER LED?

Latptop working great but will leave it on sometimes at night to download steam games or .iso. Power LED is super bright. Been reading some things about turning off LEDs but can’t seem to get it working.

I’m on Ubuntu 21.10…

ls /sys/class/leds
input20::capslock  input20::numlock     input2::numlock
input20::compose   input20::scrolllock  input2::scrolllock
input20::kana      input2::capslock     phy0-led

I’ve tried issuing a few commands to phy0-led but no success and none of the others look right.

$ sudo echo 'none' > ./trigger 
bash: ./trigger: Permission denied

Is there something I’m missing? Suggestions?

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sudo and shell redirection is tricky; see here for some working alternatives. Just switching to root first with sudo -i is what I do.

There is also a setting in the BIOS to control the power led brightness. You can turn it down there, but not all the way off if I remember correctly.


If you enter the latest Bios (3.06), then the Advanced tab you should be able to toggle the ‘power LED brightness level’ between High, Medium and Low