turn off screen windows 11

old laptop was a dell xps 13 on win 10. I would use screenoff.exe (Download ScreenOff - MajorGeeks) to just turn off the screen. was useful if listening to music or waiting on a download on battery.

win 11 the same set up causes the laptop to sleep. annoying as pauses/interupts whatever was running and also means i have to log back in.

I’ve tried disabling windows login in (sleep - Turn off Windows screen without locking screen in Windows 11 - Super User) which doesnt stop laptop sleeping.

I’ve also tried this method (Add "Turn off display" Context Menu in Windows 11 Tutorial | Windows 11 Forum) which still bounces me to lock screen.

Has anyone got any idea what I can do to turn off the screen?


Hi and welcome.

Did you do a simple internet search and not find the above, or didn’t it work for you :slight_smile:

I included that method in my original message. unfortunately didnt work for me. Has it worked on your laptop?

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I didn’t follow the links and hence didn’t try any of the recomendations, but will try the one I linked to and let you know.