Laptop screen fails to stay on

Sometimes my laptop’s screen will turn off, usually after I scan my fingerprint, however if I lift the laptop or tilt it, it will come back on, however once i set it back down on the table it goes off. After a couple of times of monkeying around with it, it stays on. This has occurred to me about 4 times already.

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Very strange! If it weren’t (I imagine) annoying, it might be comedic.

What operating system?


My laptop is windows 11

It sounds like the display cable is loose. I would look at the support guides. You can access both where the cables connects to the mainboard, and where it connects to the display itself.

Either the cable is not properly seated or the cable is damaged, or… there is something else. I think this is just the most likely thing.

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Are there any magnets on/under the table?


i think this is it, i placed it on top of my macbook pro (closed) and if i slide it back & front the display on my framework turns off around the same spot.

When are the magnet sensors on the framework?

I’ll continue to review this

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It’s on the left side of the laptop, I think somewhere in the middle?


I posted about this same thing: Sleep triggered externally?

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