Screen won't turn on when waking up from sleep

I just finished installing Windows 11 on my new framework 16, and I’ve installed the driver bundle and updated the bios. Whenever the machine goes to sleep, I press the power button but the screen never turns back on. I have to hold the power button down and force restart the machine to get any response.

Anyone else dealing with that?

Hi @Jonathan_Allen,

Congratulations on your FW16 and welcome to the community. One of the steps that I think was missing from the BIOS upgrade guide is to go back in after flashing the newest bios and reset everything to factory defaults. Someone else had a similar issue and they had done the same thing with a fresh FW16 machine.

Update BIOS. Reboot. Go back into BIOS and factory defaults. Reboot again. Now you can go back and customize your BIOS settings as needed.

Make sure you backup your Bitlocker key in case you need it or have not turned it off yet. (Windows 11 enables Bitlocker by default upon install even if you have not registered/activated your copy of Windows 11, ask me how I know! :slight_smile: )

I had this problem, I updated the BIOS and it seems to be solved for now, I didn’t had to set my FW16 to factory default

I re-installed the driver bundle and that seems to have done the trick. Looks like it’s working correctly now.