Type of SSD in expansion module

Can anyone confirm what type of SSD is in the expansion modules? I am looking for the socket and model of SSD. Thanks in advance.

Not the Expansion port that is available for the F16"

You mean Expansion Cards ?? for the F13"

Socket ?? It’s a soldered chip to a little board

See the specs etc.

38mm x 7mm x 30mm Phison U17 Flash controller Micron N28 NAND

Taiwanese, Phison Electrics


So can we update the size of SSD to add more space on the expansion port? Nvme m.2 or other connection? Looking a possible adding a 2230 2 tb grive

Expansion module sorry my miscommunication. I have. 2 tb drive for the main drive but wanted to geek out with adding more lol

Unless you can reflow the NAND chip and are sure the controller could handle more storage, there’s no way to upgrade the storage in an expansion card. It’s USB 3.2 based, not PCIe, so no NVMe.

No, everything’s soldered in place and fixed. There’s no socket.

You could mount an M.2 2230 in one of the many external USB-C enclosures. Some have no cable and plug in directly, looking like a big USB stick.

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Thanks for all the great info

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How long till we get a USB4 storage expansion card?