Ubuntu 22.10 on the Framework Laptop


The installation guide is available here: Ubuntu 22.10 Installation on the Framework Laptop - Framework Guides


22.10 works out of the box. You can improve suspend battery life by following: Linux battery life tuning - #156 by technical27


Ubuntu 22.10 Released: Ubuntu 22.10 (Kinetic Kudu)
Release Note: Kinetic Kudu Release Notes - Release - Ubuntu Community Hub


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Thanks for the installation guide.

I don’t know if it’s just me, or a very odd Discourse glitch, but your first link to the guide is just orange text to me - no actual link.

I was able to install Ubuntu 22.10 last night, after half a dozen failed tries on 22.04. I did verify the md5sum as @yetiman_64 suggested, but I think the two changes that really did it were using a proper USB card (SD cards fail) of higher quality, and creating the installation media from a Ubuntu live boot via the Startup Disk Creator app.
Creating the installation media from Fedora Media Writer failed even with the same USB drive and verifying the checksum.

Again thanks, can you add links to workarounds for the brightness and other function keys as well? And the thumbprint reader? (Unless these are not issues in 22.10 - I’m still exploring)

edit: also, sharing the considerations of LTS vs developer distros could be helpful for new Linux users

Thanks for the heads up, link is fixed now.

Yeah, SD cards are pretty much best avoided for reliable media IMHO. Not a fan. Fine for my Steam Deck, but they can be iffy.

Verifying the md5sum is always a good idea if the ISO isn’t working, we recommend using balenaEtcher as it will just work correctly 99% of the time.

Excellent feedback, I’ll add it to the existing guide.

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Big user guide overall. Lots of cleanup.

Providing drop in commands in the gist to make the recommended adjustments much simpler.

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