Ubuntu 24.04 beta working fine so far on FW13 AMD 7840

Just FYI…

I was having some external monitor issues lately, so I rolled the dice and upgraded from 22.04 to 24.04 beta on Thursday. This is my all day work+personal device and it has been working flawlessly so far with suspend/resume and external monitors. No issues yet.


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Just waiting for the stable release. [April 25th]
Used the beta on my Raspberry pi, and all seemed fine.

I have the 22.04 and 23.10 dual booting on from an expansion card, but the card kept dropping out and reconnecting, so am thinking of trying again.

You using a dock?
Didn’t have issues with external monitor. Only when powering on and plugged to the dock, the monitor is not discovered. Hav to unplug the USB-C and re-plug for the screen to appear.

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There are 4 patches in v6.9 that might help this issue. You can try to cherry pick them and see. They’re not stable candidates though, I don’t see them being backported into kernel 6.8.





Thx for the hint. I’ll however probably wait until there is a 6.10 HWE available for KDE Neon/Ubuntu. My times where I did build my kernels is long past… I just don’t have time anymore to spend lots of time on these things anymore. 4 Kids take a heavy toll on your available time :wink:

They’re merged in 6.9, so if you want to try the Ubuntu mainline PPA you might be able to see if they work for your issue without compiling a kernel.

But yeah otherwise waiting for them to land in Ubuntu kernel is just fine too.


For sure, the monitor issue (through a dock) persists in 24.04 beta. I have been using it for a week all day and it is certainly stable enough to use, but the external monitor issue through a dock is not resolved. Thanks to @Mario_Limonciello for pointing out some 6.9 kernel updates that might address it (I havent tried yet).