Ubuntu Wireless borked after turning it "off" -- help

First day of usage. I went to the menu bar wireless dropdown, selected my SSID, and then selected “turn off” (intending to turn off, then turn on, like is often done on the Mac to get an SSID to reconnect).

The entire wireless dropdown immediately disappeared. Going to Settings, it now says “No Wi-Fi Adapter Found, Make sure you have a Wi-Fi adapter plugged and turned on”.

I checked rfkill and the wlan was soft unblocked. I turned it on. No luck. I rebooted the machine. No luck.

This is pretty awful behavior. I’m running 22.04.1 LTS, on a Framework 12th Gen. Does anyone have any ideas about how I can get wireless turned on again, short of reinstalling from scratch?

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I had a similar issue using Ubuntu 22.04 on my 11th gen Framework Laptop. The wifi adapter has stopped being detected by Gnome twice now… It works fine when I boot into my Windows OS partition.

A possible solution you could try is removing the firmware files associated with “iwlwifi” inside “/usr/lib/firmware”. Then connect to the internet over ethernet and re-run software update to restore the proper firmware packages. If you don’t have access to Ethernet then you can tether directly to your phone’s Wifi connection over USB.

Hi @Sean_Luke , I’d be happy to help.

If rfkill is show it as not soft or hard blocked, let’s go on to the next thing we can try.

We’re going to go through what I like to call the “greatest hits”, as these are commands that we’re going to run that will help us drill down on the issue directly.

Anything you’ve already done, please try them again for the sake of troubleshooting.

Restarting network manager:

sudo systemctl restart NetworkManager

Is your network device detected? Please run this and reply with the output:

lspci | grep Network

Is your wifi module loaded (driver)? Please reply with the output:

lsmod | grep iwlwifi

Let’s reinstall network manager:

sudo apt install --reinstall network-manager

This gives us a good jumping off point. I’ll check back once you’ve had a chance to post back with the results for each.


I’m afraid to say that at this point I gave up and rebuilt an entirely fresh new image of Ubuntu and reinstalled everything. :frowning: I can describe the steps which caused the failure: for obvious reasons I am not eager to attempt to replicate it. It was quite simple. I went to the Wireless menu dropdown, and selected my SSID. This brought up the submenu “Select Network”, “Turn Off”, and “Wi-Fi Settings”. I simply selected “Turn Off”. And that was it.

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Hi Sean,

Appreciate the clarification. Obviously I don’t want to repeat what happened, as you have things working again. It should have appeared as Wireless Off after this.

Looks like you do a good job keeping things up to date as you’re on a point release. So it appears you’re keeping things updated.

Without logs or a screenshot of what it appeared as when it happened, I surmise it may have a bug with the network manager function in the panel. Even if the wifi radio is turned off, it would still appear as WiFi Off in the panel.

So my advice is keep the system fully up to date and make sure use the restart network manager command listed above if this ever happens again.

I was facing the same issue: a clean install of Ubuntu 22.04 and Wifi simply wasn’t showing up in settings or the top right drawer.

I “solved” it by inserting a Fedora live USB stick and booting into the live USB. Now the Wifi showed up. After rebooting into my Ubuntu installation, Wifi was available there as well.

Mysterious :slight_smile:

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