UEFI Clock Changes Revert Immediately on Restart

I just finished setting up my AMD Framework 13 laptop with Fedora 39 and so far most everything seems to be working. The UEFI version seems to have been updated to the latest version before I received it.

However, I noticed that the UEFI clock settings seem to revert to 4 hours ahead (I’m in New York / EST time) despite me changing the clock manually and saving the changes.

Is this expected? I think I did read that the motherboards no longer ship with the RTC battery or something like that which seemed relevant and maybe explains why my changes did not persist.

It doesn’t bother me too much since the OS time is set to what I want, but I just wanted to make that nothing is broken or working incorrectly.

Typically, Linux distributions are configured to expect the hardware clock to be in UTC. If it’s syncing with a NTP server, it’ll reset the time. That’s probably why it keeps jumping forward by four hours (as New York is currently in UTC-4)!

If you dual boot with Windows, note that Windows prefers the hardware clock to be in local time.