Unable to install driver bundle on 12th gen

I just received my 12th gen i5-1240p laptop and when I try to install the driver bundle I get this message:

Any ideas?

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@Joseph_Iacobbo could you run the command
wmic baseboard get product
and share the output? Is this DIY or Prebuilt?

This is a DIY. I will run that command once I get the wee ones to bed in a couple hours.


(7-zip unpack the bundle, modify the .bat file)

Oh…and you board seems to say FRANGACP instead of “FRANMACP”

Thanks, there seems to be a mixup on these in the factory. Let me fixup the driver bundle and release again

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Does that mean the boards have not been programmed according to the design spec?

I did exactly this and the drivers seemed to install correctly. I no longer have unidentified devices in device manager and the touch pad is working properly.

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What did you edit in the .bat file?

Change the following line

wmic baseboard get product | findstr /C:"FRANMACP" 1>nul
wmic baseboard get product | findstr /C:"FRANGACP" 1>nul

then run the .bat file ad administrator.

Thank you!

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Welcome to the Framework camp!

How’s the CNC lid?

Seems fine. I have no complaints but I also didn’t have any issue with the 11th gen lid either so I may not be the best judge on this.

Ooooh, I didn’t expect an 11th gen customer to jump onto the 12th gen bandwagon right away. Did you sell the old unit, or keeping it?

I was still in the return window when preorders went up so I returned it and put in a preorder right away. I wasn’t in serious need of a laptop so I could manage until the 12 gen shipped.

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When you have a moment, can you test out geekbench, cinebench and see whether it can hit 60w boost (watching it from hwinfo64)?

Wonder what kind of score you can get from those benchmarks.

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Sure, but I’ll start a separate thread for that to try and keep this on topic.


@Joseph_Iacobbo Can you see if this updated version fixes your issue?

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