Understanding the touchpad click problem

I fixed my touchpad, more or less, by re-seating both connectors and by disabling ps2 emulation in the bios as described in the knowledge base. It was still weird but it sort of worked, almost. Then I did the “push firmly on the middle” bit and it was better. I’d like some documentation on the touchpad, please. As a hardware engineer I am not satisfied with a fix like that because it is too magic. I want to understand the physical mechanism of the touchpad click so I can get a handle on how long that fix might last or why it works in the first place. The websites that talk about this HW all have chinese characters on them and I didn’t look at them but somewhere there might be a pdf document in english about the specs for this object. Since this is an open platform I am interested in locating that document and I think framework must know where it is. Can I get it? I’m not interested in competing with your product. I’m still trying to decide whether I am going to keep it.
Further, I want to know what is the location of the left mouse click area? On my ASUS it is quite large but (after the “fix”) on the framework it seems smaller. But where is it supposed to be, please?

I’m not entirely sure, but I think this is not defined by the touchpad itself but by the operating system or drivers. On Pop!_OS Linux, which I use, there’s no left and right click area at all and you can click or tap anywhere for a left click and tap with two fingers anywhere for a right click.

Thanks :slight_smile: I’m trying to avoid interacting with source code. I used to hack existing drivers to make new ones, which is how pretty much everybody probably learns to do it except the fabled Original Authors of unix device drivers. I can see how a HW embedded touchpad controller could have sensitive areas expressed as device registers, writable by the driver. Then the TP delivers curated clicks in a status register without driver overhead. Or I can see the driver being responsible entirely. Could be either or both, even. On my ASUS windoze system the only place for a right click is deep in the bottom right corner. I’d rather divide the TP in half vertically. But I’d like a single line script to do that and even more I’d like to set that in a GUI that I can actually find without looking on the internet and have it be remembered so I’m not even having this conversation. You can’t always get what you want.