Unknown device ACPI\MSFT0200 in Windows 10 Pro

I have an unknown device showing up in device manager of Windows 10 Pro- per the title MSFT0200

Hardware ID:

I have tried updating the BIOS to 3.03 and tried installing Windows 10 again, but this device still doesn’t find a driver.
I have downloaded and installed the latest AMD chipset driver set and video driver, still the same issue.
All other devices are fully identified with drivers loaded.

Have run Windows Update until nothing is left, tried “Update Driver” - Browse my computer and pointed to drive with AMD drivers and Windows install on USB with include subfolders checked.

Might be the AMD IPU. You really should not be using Windows 10 with the AMD Framework.

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Could be Microsoft Pluton / TPM device? This is what I see Linux side:

$ fwupdmgr get-devices
Framework Laptop 13 (AMD Ryzen 7040Series)
      Device ID:          ...
      Summary:            TPM 2.0 Device
      Current version:
      Vendor:             Microsoft (TPM:MSFT)
      GUIDs:              ff71992e-52f7-5eea-94ef-883e56e034c6 ← system-tpm
                          2a65d4b6-60a0-5e8c-acfa-d86cc3cbe4c3 ← TPM\VEN_MSFT&DEV_0001
                          31a7bb1b-f5e1-53ff-b0e5-8692a21caed6 ← TPM\VEN_MSFT&MOD_Pluton.TPM.A
                          5bea8d58-c840-513e-a5ad-0184cbaa9821 ← TPM\VEN_MSFT&DEV_0001&VER_2.0
                          e02519c6-9139-5de8-89d4-9dca2f5c3b66 ← TPM\VEN_MSFT&MOD_Pluton.TPM.A&VER_2.0
      Device Flags:       • Internal device
                          • System requires external power source
                          • Needs a reboot after installation
                          • Device can recover flash failures
                          • Full disk encryption secrets may be invalidated when updating
                          • Signed Payload

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Not the IPU, that is showing in device manager as a normal detected device.
AMD IPU Device:

I don’t think the TPM device, but maybe- since I don’t see a line for a TPM or Pluton device anywhere in device manager. That matches with device vendor “Microsoft”, but not sure why that would come under ACPI.

I will try a dual boot with Windows 11 and see if I can find the difference in the Device Manager listings.

Pretty sure it is the Microsoft Pluton security device. I had one unknown device when I was running in Windows 10 on my AMD Framework and it was that (it appears to only be supported in Windows 11).


Yes, after installing Windows 11, I can confirm that this device ID matches to the listing for Microsoft Pluton Processor under Security Devices.
Also missing from WIndows 10 device manager on the laptop is “Trusted Platform Module 2.0”.
On my desktop system running Windows 10, “Trusted Platform Module 2.0” does show up in device manager, so Windows 10 does support this, and the Frameworks laptop must also support it since it shows up with a Windows 11 install.
I will try to find more about TPM2.0 and having it active in Windows 10 on the laptop, then maybe also the Pluton device can become active.

If you can try and activate bitlocker with TPM unlock, every attempt failed in no TPM hardware found (or something like that) and the TPM management MMC snap-in said there was no TPM hardware found/available.

On my desktop, there’s an ACPI:MSFT0101 (not sure on the digits; I’m travelling and away from it) device that’s the AMD fTPM. I know because Linux complained about it being broken until I replaced it with an external TPM module.

The Pluton device provides TPM functionality, so if its not supported/available on Windows 10, you wont have TPM support.

I think the TPM requirement comes first. Installing Windows 11, I saw TMP2.0 show up in device manager before Pluton appeared.

I be perfectly happy to just disable the Pluton and keep using the machine. :slight_smile:

The Pluton device provides the TPM 2.0 functionality, regardless of how it appears in Windows 11.
If there isnt a device driver for Pluton on Windows 10, there wont be a TPM either, since its the same, single, device not 2 independant devices.

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Having done some web searching, I am thinking there is an issue with the FW13 BIOS and Windows 10. For whatever reason Windows 11 has no trouble identifying and installing TPM devices, but Windows 10 without any change of BIOS settings does not identify the TPM as being present.
So, I am not going to spend more time, the only issue I see for other people could be if they install Windows 10 and then try to upgrade to Windows 11 they may have an issue as TPM is a requirement to do a Windows 11 upgrade (but this requirement can be bypassed with a bit of knowledge) . But doing a fresh Windows 11 has no issues.
I will just ignore the unknown device in Windows10, it shouldn’t affect operation.
Maybe a future BIOS update will let Windows 10 identify and install TPM 2.0?

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Doubt it, it’s down to Microsoft or AMD to provide Windows 10 drivers for Pluton, and from what I can see, Microsoft consider it a Windows 11 feature only.

I’m getting this same thing. I built this pc last year. Everything was fine. Though I don’t know if I ever saw my tpm in windows or not. I just recently had to reinstall windows 10 and since then I have this showing up. It def wasn’t there with the error before and I never installed a driver for it before either. I was under the impression it was a device that enabled and operated at a bios level. Hopefully one of you can tell me what I need to do about it. I know this is an old thread but I’m hoping someone takes the time.

You can just ignore the missing driver in Windows 10 and everything functions fine.
I guess you are missing out on a bit of security that you would have if there was a driver available, just be sure to practice safe computing (use things like no-script browser extension, avoid clicking on links in emails etc.).

It sounds like youre telling me there is no win 10 driver for this device. I didnt have any unknown devices before reinstalling windows this whole last year. Has this tpm device just never been active?

I can’t say for sure why you would not have previously seen unknown devices in Windows 10.
It may be related to any BIOS update you might have applied. From what I read in researching the issue, the TMP security device can be influenced by BIOS changes.
This thread implies a BIOS update on a Gigabyte board with Windows 10 allowed automatic installation of the TPM drivers to proceed for the unknown device, so maybe your BIOS could also prevented this device from being seen at all previously.

That makes some sense. Ive kept my bios updated pretty much this whole time. There has been an update since my reinstall of windows that i have not gotten to. I do also have a gigabyte board. Ill try that and see if it goes away. Thank you for your time and knowledge on the matter.