Untapped modular potential...(Screen, hinge, lid, trackpad options)

With the Framework laptop being easy to repair, and that it’s now been out for a year, maybe Framework can start on spanning out with variations of some of the components?

Screen: Different aspect ratios, refresh rate. This implies different display cables and bezel cutout.

Hinge: We have 3.3Kg and 4.0Kg hint set, but what about 360 degrees?

Lid: We now have the aluminium CNC upgraded lid, how about other alloy / composites? Also one to work with the 360 degrees hinge?

Trackpad: Can we get trackpad with physical buttons, and / or something with force click / haptic feedback?

Think we should acknowledge the potential is there. Otherwise, we’re just saying Framework is satisfied with settling with expansion card modularity, only.


There are other ways that Framework can enable innovation, such as through expanded creator programs that enable a third party market.

For example, one could think of the chassis as a first-party accessory, but in the future a third party chassis could be made available through the store that provides some of the features you’re proposing. And that’s not as far fetched as one might think; there was a company that fits brand new Macbooks into tablet bodies, but did so without Apple’s blessing.