Unusual battery discharging

I updated my bios to 3.07 and ran the driver package for w11 (had w10/w10 package prior to when I upgraded to w11 in November) and have been noticing unusual battery drain, especially when my laptop is shut down.

I am unsure if this is related, but around the same time, I had set the battery to 90% for only a day and decided I didn’t need to do that for the time being and returned it to 100%. Noticed the charging light blinks instead of becoming a solid green light when fully charged.

Any advice? Thanks!

The blinking light is currently normal behaviour if a charging limit is set via BIOS for all I know.

Regarding the unusual battery drain, maybe you could provide additional info that might help experienced community members / the framework team to diagnose the problem? e.g.:

  • How much drain did you see over what period of time
  • What did you consider normal battery drain before
  • Is the Laptop plugged into anything when shut off
  • What expansion cards are you using

Just some ideas based on other threads Ive seen around.

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What does “unusual” mean here? For example, how much time do you get on a full charge? How much does the charge change when the laptop is shut down? Are you sure the laptop is shut down and isn’t doing some stupid “Modern Standby” thing?

Yeah, that’s normal. It blinks red when the charging limit is reached. FWIW, setting up a charging limit can greatly prolong your battery’s lifespan, so it’s probably a good thing to do (I set it to 80% on my Framework and my phone supports a limit of 85%).

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@Chiraag_Nataraj @Nandor_Hulverscheidt Sorry for missing information!

From being charged to 100% yesterday evening and shut down soon after (I clicked the shut down button in the menu) , I was at 36% after about 16 hours. I do have hibernating enabled when I close the lid but do not utilize that unless I’m moving around campus.

Normal battery for me is 3.5-5 hours. I can’t provide an accurate reading on how long it lasts right now without a little more time. The big thing is the drain when being shut down.

I unplug everything when the laptop is shut down. I use 2 type c and 2 usb A expansion cards.

Do you actually shut down? Or do you tell it to sleep? Battery drain during shutdown is not normal at all, but battery drain during sleep is obviously expected.

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Yes, I have avoided using “sleep” due to that concern.

@DaJacob Try running powercfg /sleepstudy in an administrator command window and check the report if it was actually shut down for that 16 hour period.

Just to note using Win 11 BIOS 3.07

Last night I charged to 100% then switched OFF : 12 hours later battery is at 100%

Switched on again late evening and still 100% battery ??

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