Updated: Unusual Behaviour - BIOS Resets

Hi, I have a batch 4 i71165G7 with 64GB Crucial RAM, 2TB Crucial P5 Plus (firmware is up-to-date), BIOS v3.17 running Windows 11. I have had an issue popup 3 times in the last week where my BIOS setting reverts back to defaults. Context and settings are below.

I use my laptop in a stand with the lid closed, plugged in (Framework power charger), and connected to an external monitor (4K) via the DisplayPort, in addition to 2 USB-A (Keyboard & Mouse). I have the options in Windows to 'Do Nothing" when the lid is closed and I have the following BIOS settings:
Power On AC Attach: Enable
Charge Limit: 84%
Power Butting Brightness: Low
When I “Shut Down” in windows, the next time that I used my laptop, it performs a full reboot and all of the BIOS setting noted above are back to defaults. In Curcial Storage Executive, it will have an increase in the number of “Unsafe Shutdowns”. I’m trying to figure out if this is a SSD issue, Windows issue, or a BIOS issue.

This also happened last night when I selected “Sleep” from the start menu. Had to go in and adjust all of my BIOS setting back this morning.

Any tips or suggestions would be appriciated.

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Update: I have reset the CMOS and the mainboard following the procedures online and still have the issue.

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I would contact support. They’ll be able to help you troubleshoot this issue much better than the community will be able to.

@Morpheus636 Thanks, I will submit a ticket today.

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