Abrupt and random shutdowns

I just started using my DIY laptop this morning, and it has this problem where it freezes for a second or two and then powers off completely. It’s seemingly random when it occurs, and it even happened before I installed any OS. It’s plugged into the charger and the amber light is on.

My laptop is from batch 6. shortest time to shut down was about a minute, longest was about half an hour. I’ve gotten Windows 10 onto it, but this issue happened before I even installed the OS via a brand new USB. No heavy load on the system, just system settings. BIOS is whatever came with it, which appears to be 3.06. I see there’s a bug with this version but it does not appear to be related to my current issue.

Yo dawg, details are important.

Which OS? Batch? BIOS version?

How long between start up and the freeze (ballpark order of magnitude)?

Is there heavy processor/memory/graphics load on the laptop when it shuts down?

What do you mean by

it even happened before I installed any OS

? Was this a live image? Was it the BIOS menu?

Have you let it fully charge at any point before using it?

Did you verify that everything is seated properly?

Details added to original post.

Consider booting up into an Ubuntu live image and letting it run to clarify the possibility of OS dependence.

If it works, great; Windows is your problem and dig from there. If it doesn’t work, might have a hardware problem like a loose battery or other somesuch (I don’t suppose the shutdowns occur more often when you’re typing?).

I’m having the same issue. I’m running Nixos. It crashes as you describe it randomly when doing long compilations and on video calls. I’m trying to use this machine for work and it is very frustrating.

Have you confirmed there’s not something magnetic in your pocket that’s being sensed by the lid close sensor? About a week ago, my laptop kept freezing and sleeping because the Airpods case in my left pocket was making the laptop think it’s closed.

So a little update: I kind of put this issue on the back burner for a month or so since the pandemic meant I didn’t need to have this working as soon as I thought I did. Anyways, I started trying to use it again around ten days ago, and I haven’t had any issues since so I think it’s fixed? I don’t know what changed. This whole time it had been sitting in a corner of my room largely untouched. Maybe the battery just needed to be fully charged once?

I have a batch 6 machine, and I’m currently experiencing this. I think this started showing up after NixOS 21.05. From what I’ve tried, this behavior is triggered by heavy processes like running chrome with multiple tabs, video call, local kubernetes cluster, etc. I have not figured out any solution. I’m gonna ask around in the NixOS community and see if there are any solutions to this. For now, switching to pop_os has made my machine usable.