13th gen, AMD 7040 random shutdown, not booting

Been using my laptop since October, and I have been really loving it. Today however the laptop just shutdown randomly, and now is completely unresponsive.
I use it for studying, and basic work tasks, email, spreadsheets etc.
Kingston 5600 1x16gb ram, windows 11, and 1tb ssd.

After the first shutdown I was able to get it to turn back on for a few minutes, installed the most recent BIOS, and downloaded the newest drivers, but no luck in sustaining power. There wasn’t enough time to install the drivers before shutting down again. The charging LED is also not on.

Any advice where to go from here? I have exams next week so I’d really love to be able to study again asap. I have a ticket submitted and am currently waiting on advice.


Were you in the process of installing the drivers when it suddenly shut down? If so, the mainboard might be borked beyond repair and you will probably need to reach out to Framework Support. That seems likely considering your charging LED isn’t even turning on.

The only other thing I can think of is may trying another USB-C charger and seeing if that turns the computer on.

EDIT: Come to think of it, even if the driver installation failed, that should not affect the mainboard’s functionality, and from what I can glean from your post, the BIOS update apparently went through fine? But I’m not sure since the computer wasn’t able to reboot after the BIOS update. When you installed the BIOS update, did the system reboot to install the update, then reboot back to the OS?

Thanks for the input and questions.

The BIOS installed fully, and I think I was able to get it to boot up after. On the following boot the driver installation got to 7/7 but didn’t complete before another crash.
I think I got one more boot after that before full unresponsive status was reached.

I’ll try another usb c charger and port to see later!

Any updates on the issues? I was also going to suggest that if connecting a different charger doesn’t work, it might be worthwhile to take the computer apart and check the battery connection. The mainboard occasionally booting and then not sounds very similar to the struggles a lot of people have had in regards to trying to use the AMD mainboard as a standalone computer (i.e. no internal battery attached), so I’m thinking there is a possibility the connection between the battery and mainboard is loose or otherwise defective, thereby causing the mainboard to receive no power and ultimately not boot.