Usb c cable

My cat clawed my usb c cable, does anyone have a recommendation for which cable is best for the framework adapter?

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Any USB-IF certified cable will do if all you want is USB-C. If you want a Thunderbolt cable, Apple of course sells them or you can grab one from Startech. Either way, you can head to your local retailer to find one. The certification logo should be displayed prominently and you can look up the certification number to verify that it is indeed certified.



You may also want to consider an e cable, chiped to allow 100w.


I’d recommend getting a brand cable rated for at least USB 3.1 speeds and 100W power delivery (these have an “e marker chip”). It should have the USB and/or thunderbolt logo on it, which means that it’s certified (at least as long as it’s not a cheap illegal china import).

If you only intend on using it for charging, you can get away with a 2.0 cable, which is cheaper. But then have to keep track on which cables are fast and which are not when you’re trying to connect devices like hard drives, which is annoying.