Best charging cables

I’m using a Ravpower 65W PD power supply.
I have one USB -C cable that works fine. My other one limits the voltage. Can anyone recommend a good quality cable?

Don’t have any specs but I usually go with Anker for the charging side of things, look for their type c cable and on their website they usually provide the current capabilities.

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Apple’s 2m USB-C charging cable can do 100 watts and I’ve been using them for many years without any issues.

You want one that’s rated for at least 3A/60W or preferably 5A/100W to get the best charging speed. This one is rated for 5A/100W works well for me:

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TY. The Saux will fit the bill if they have C to B. I will check.

As far as the Apple cord…they seem to be USB-C to firewire. I do not own anny apple devices but thank you for the suggestion.

Quality :slight_smile:

I think the Fairphone one is difficult to get outside Europe and UK etc.

C to B will limit charging significantly

My bad. I meant C to A. Will that also limit?

Yes, what are you trying to power? The laptop or an accessory? The laptop can only be charged via USB-C/TB4.

I think … well, I go with Anker/Belkin everytime I need to buy a cord. If I don’t like the pricing, I would go for OEMs like Dell or Hp.
I have a extremely fat Hp 100W cable with outer diameter of nearly 1/5 inch (or 4mm). And it’s not even rated for thunderbolt – just 4 conductors. Very stiff cable. Will not recommend for mobile use. Although quality is ok.
Cable is a tradeoff of stiffness and diameter. There’s no “one cable rule them all”.

USB-C/TB4…,what is TB4?

Since it may not be easily googleable, TB4 = Thunderbolt 4

Yes, I just read an explanation of that elsewhere. So, do I understand it correctly that that Thunderbolt is not just for apple products and that this standard is what my Frame needs for power?

Also, my PD charger has both a USB-C port as well as a USB-A port. It is not clear to me whether the throughput for charging is different for each or even whether there exists a TB4 to USB-A cable.

Thank you so much for your help.

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That’s where plaited nylon helps

Generally although you can power from a USB A they do not have the option of Power Delivery protocols and so will only charge at a slow rate, if at all, especially if using whilst charging.

Which power supply you have? You can look up the specs on-line.

OK. I see that I need to get C to C, TY
I have the Ravpower 65W PD.
Now I need to know if the cable has the Thunderbolt designation, will it be appropriate for my Frame?

It doesn’t need thunderbolt for charging , but for maximum charging current, you should get a cable with e marker chip. If you want to be safe, make sure it’s USB certified (should have an USB or thunderbolt logo on the cable) and not a cheap china knockoff.


TB4 is a protocol just like Bluetooth is for wireless. Power delivery is another protocol.
USB-C is a port.
Thunderbolt 4, Thunderbolt 3, USB (3.2, 3.1, 3.0, 2.0), as well as USB-PD can all done via USB-C.

USB-A to USB-C cable exists because there are devices (e.g., phones, tablets) that, well, use USB-C as a connector. They usually don’t support all the functions (e.g., iPad will not support Thunderbolt), but it’s a good modern connector so there you have it.

There’s another extremely deep rabbit hole called “difference between USB-PD and Qualcomm QuickCharge”. Basically QuickCharge will only work with phones (5V to 9V) and USB-PD also support QuickCharge. So if you want a charger that can charge laptops get a PD one.

Braided cables are the worst of all. They are fairly stretch-proof (at least, along the middle), but they do not have the usual amount of rubber to protect against bending and usually fray faster because they are very flexible. Almost too flexible. A good rubber cable will last for years to come, and a braided cable “may” last longer, but the additional cost (plus the amount of knockoffs and effort needed to pick the actual good ones) make it not very worthwhile.