USB-C Drive not detected

Hi all, I have a 256gb USB-C thumb drive that isn’t detected in either of my usb-c cards, no matter where I put them. They both charge and recognize other devices, but not a drive.

Framework 13, Intel 13th gen
Windows 11 64bit Home, 22H2
Most current bios
This is the drive:

Not sure what’s going on. I don’t have another usb-c drive to test, but this drive works in all my other windows machines. I’ve formatted the drive several times, both FAT32 and NTSF. No luck. Anyone have a similar experience?

I’ve got one of those same flash drives which works fine on my 11th gen and AMD boards. Can’t really help with solving the issue, but I can confirm that it should work.

I’m guessing you’ve already tried restarting (since “shutdown” now just goes into hibernate on Windows, instead of being a normal shutdown), as well as plugging the drive into the inner ports instead of the expansion cards?

Edit: If neither of those work, it could also be worth making a live USB of one of the supported linux distros to see if those recognize the drive or not, which could narrow down if it’s software or hardware that’s the issue.